I'm a freelance web developer and designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Websites with soul and meaning.
Pavel Mrlik

Edinburgh Napier University

The music department at Edinburgh Napier University was seeking a website that would encourage new students to enrol on their courses. The resulting site has a clean look featuring photographs provided by one of the faculty's own students.

Bike Clothes

Bike Clothes is an affiliate business promoting quality cycling apparel. Featuring some of world's most popular clothing brands, it is a start-up with a very promising future.

During a relatively long timescale, the build has seen three major redesigns. The latest design round resulted in a professional-looking website with a clean, modern and fully responsive layout.

Raft Amazonia

Raft Amazonia is a new online identity for Hakmatecuad Travel SA, an Ecuador-based travel agency offering exciting adventures in Amazonian jungles. I was asked to build a website that would help them target English speaking customers worldwide. The result is a fresh-looking site that lets customers book their adventures, raise enquiries and get in touch via social networks. With a WordPress back-end the site is bilingual and super easy to update by staff.

Haftor Medboe

Haftor is a jazz musician, composer, and lecturer in composition at Edinburgh Napier University. He recently asked me to build a very simple site through which people could get in touch, find out about his projects and browse photos.

Irena Czuchova

Irena is a Czech-born teacher and translator living in France. She was looking for a new personal brand: logo, website and social media accounts. Over a number of iterations we've created a website that helps people find her. The site also features a blog where Irena shares language tips and learning advices.

My own blog

This is a look back to the history: my website before I redesigned it. Its story goes about five years back, when I set out to develop my own content management system to learn web programming and have fun. Since then, in order to remain modern and up to date, the front page has undergone several rebuilds. The latest redesign effort resulted in what you are now looking at.

Agility Mimon

This local business required a new site through which they could sell products and target customers from neighbouring countries. The site includes an online store with automatic currency conversion and an administration interface that makes it easy to update any content.

If only all web designers could follow the plan like you. Thanks for doing such a great job and for your patience with us! Jenny McLayRaft Amazonia It's been a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and attention to detail have been unquestionable. Haftor Medboe Elegant, intuitive and functional website made exactly to my liking. I have appreciated your approach to my suggestions. Irena Czuchova

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